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United Way of Wayne County identifies our county's most pressing issues, invests in effective and accountable programs and brings the community together to build a strong foundation for generations to come.  

Founded in 1925 the United Way is an autonomous and independent organization governed by a local, volunteer Board of community members. Our accountability is to the people and businesses who invest in United Way of Wayne County. United Way of Wayne County has identified four focus areas that address gaps within our community: Education, Health & Wellness, Financial Responsibility, and Basic Needs. Each agency and program that United Way helps to fund must address one or more focus area and show positive, trackable outcomes each year.


United Way of Wayne County is a community organization working in collaboration with local non-profits to improve the lives of people in our local community.  Partnerships with local programs which meet established criteria of program accountability through outcome measurements and fiscal responsibility are supported by uniting people and resources to achieve the greatest impact on lives in Wayne County.


Over the past four years, United Way of Wayne County has focused on developing and implementing a Strategic Initiative Plan based on program outcomes. In sharing our successes we have shifted away from focusing on raising money to impact lives and the long-term impact that investments have for those living in Wayne County. 

United Way Worldwide is a national service and training center for 1,800 local United Ways across the country. They provide training, research data, models of effective practices and other support to local United Ways. Local United Ways are not chapters of the national organization; they are governed by people in their own communities.
















  • The Red Feather Agency formed in Denver.  During World War I, cities formed the War Chest and after the War it was changed to Community Chest in 1917.  In 1945 "the Red Feather" was adopted it as the official insignia of the Community Chest of America and in 1925 Goldsboro Community Chest Fund was started. 

  • Steve Parr hired as Executive Director.

  • Named changed to United Way of Wayne County

  • Taste of Wayne County Food Festival created

  • Alexis de Tocqueville Society formed in Wayne County.

  • Day of Caring and Sharing begins.

  • United Way Relief Fund established for local emergency disaster relief

  • Lead efforts to bring Smart Start to Wayne County. 

  • Forms Wayne County Partnership for Children to administer Smart Start and to become independent from UWWC.

  • UWWC focus changed to measured outcomes

  • League of Legacy - Planned giving started

  • Established the Volunteer Connection

  • Celebrated 75 years

  • 1st annual Founders Cup Golf Tournament 

  • RVSP combined with Volunteer Connection and formed Volunteer Wayne website

  • Planning begins on the Family Learning Center in Dudley NC

  • READ Wayne becomes an initiative of UWWC

  • Steve Parr retires after 30 years of service to UWWC.

  • Sherry Archibald becomes the UWWC Executive Director. 

  • COVID-19 takes the community by storm.

  • TOW is changed to a coupon passport.

  • UWWC and the WCHD partner on COVID-19 relief and case management.

  • UWWC, WCPS and the faith based community partner together to host Unlimited Impact.

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