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Our Focus

Improving the lives of those living in your community . . .


Strong, vibrant and healthy families are the cornerstone of every community.  When families thrive, children thrive which means our community thrives.


United Way of Wayne County focuses on Education, Financial Stability, Health and Wellness, and the basic needs of people in our community.


Every investment made to United Way of Wayne County stays right here and is put to work through sixteen local programs, services, and initiatives making our community stronger.



Every child develops and succeeds academically, socially and emotionally.


  • An increased number of children enter school ready to learn and remain prepared to attain benchmarks of success.

  • Youth increase their capacity to stay in school and graduate to become productive citizens by being provided with layers of support that address barriers to success.


Health & Wellness

Everyone has the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle.


  • Individuals improve their health by utilizing opportunities that decrease the prevalence of obesity.

  • Individuals have increased knowledge of the implications and prevention of teen pregnancy.

  • Youth have an increased ability to make informed choices about their health and personal relationships and avoid risky and abusive behaviors.

  • Families have increased skills and resources that will help them develop into a safe and effective family unit.


Financial Stability

Ensuring that all citizens achieve and maintain financial stability.


  • Families have increased access to supports that can elevate the family's financial stability and lift children out of poverty.

  • Adults increase their literacy skills and knowledge to become more successful in all areas of life.

  • Individuals and families increase their preparedness in making responsible financial choices and conscientiously managing personal resources. 


Basic Needs

Ensure everyone's basic needs are met with dignity.


  • Victims of a personal crisis have increased access to basic needs assistance.

  • At-risk children 0-10 have increased access to resources that address their basic needs in order to ensure a solid foundation for future positive development.


Our Values

  1. Accountable to investors by spending donated funds in a cost-effective manner

  2. Diversity and inclusiveness to empower all sectors of the community

  3. Integrity and adherence to the highest ethical standards in all endeavors

  4. Caring and concern for the well being of individuals in need

  5. Achieving impact through funding priorities, making funded agencies more effective and building on the community’s assets

  6. Committed to change, if necessary, to ensure the continued relevance of the Organization in the community.

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