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Health and Wellness




What is a partner?

A trusted nonprofit that UWWC has vetted carefully to fund specific programs they offer that aligns with our focus areas

What is a funded program?

Services provided by the partners UWWC has selected to fund.

What does this mean for you?

In an effort to make Wayne County residents the most successful in family, health, education and financial stability, the programs below are in place to support you weather you need help, want to volunteer or invest in our community

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Funded Programs

Families in Wayne County are assisted by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s Emergency Assistance program with financial aid for rent and utilities, as well as assistance with medication and groceries. They receive help with budgeting to work towards financial stability.


Through the Emergency Assistance program at The Salvation Army, short-term assistance is available to ensure 30 days of continued housing/utilities as well as food, clothing, household goods  assistance.


Homeless men are provided with emergency shelter, three daily meals, life skills classes, counseling and outreach services at the Shelter for Men provided by The Salvation Army.

Individuals are able to remain in their home, receive check-ups and receive nutritious meals from Meals on Wheels through the Nutrition for the Elderly

Victims of single family fires are provided emergency assistance, food, short-term shelter, and referral services through the Single Family Fires program

The American Red Cross facilitates Armed Forces Emergency Services that communicate between service members and their families in times of medical emergencies, death, and financial hardship.

As part of the Boy Scouting program, boys in our Community Troop, improve their academic performance and social competencies through rank advancement, merit badge completion and Learning for Life courses at no cost to their families.

Girls living in West Haven, Fairview and Lincoln Apartments have a safe place to be mentored as they grow into community citizenship!


Your investment in the work of United Way of Wayne County has given these young ladies the chance to belong to the three Girl Scout's Community Troops, and to experience the benefits of being a scout. Some of the opportunities these girls now have include arts and crafts, agriculture trips, Disney on Ice adventures, and STEM education. 

The Adult and Family Literacy program is dedicated to developing skills in reading, math and  computers ,for adult learners and their families,  in order that they may achieve success at home, at work, and in the community.

Financial literacy is provided through the Bank on Wayne program that provides instruction in budgeting, banking, and managing credit. Bank on Wayne encourages participants to operate within the financial mainstream and avoid costly alternative financial services.

First-time youth offenders have an opportunity to earn a chance to improve their future through Restorative Justice Program  Participants follow a structured process where their peers review their case, pass judgment and issue an appropriate sentence. Through parental and teen participation, participants are able to avoid criminal records by successfully completing their sentence. 


Expectant parents attend Pregnancy Birth and Beyond (PB&B) classes. This allows participating parents a better foundation and understanding of the  pregnancy, labor, birth, and early stages of infant development. In addition to the prenatal education, PB&B also follows the newborns/families through the first six months to a year after birth with continued contact and resources as needed.

Cry Freedom Missions is fighting to eradicate sex trafficking through Reaching, Rescuing, and Restoring the lives of survivors. Once they connect with a survivor, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins. It is their passion to see this heinous and barbaric injustice abolished in our generation. They long to see every boy, every girl, every woman, and every man enslaved in trafficking to experience FREEDOM!

Boys and girls participate in Aim for Success education program which includes age-appropriate activities on personal responsibilities, managing money, how to set goals, improving self-esteem and improving grades at the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County in three locations- Goldsboro, Fremont and Mount Olive.

Children participated in Smart Moves program where they learned about the consequences of adolescent sexual activity and improved their self-esteem and decision making skills in order to avoid unsafe behaviors. 

Children participating in the Triple Play program, which provides youth with structured activities such as increasing their daily exercise and improve their knowledge of nutrition and eating habits. 

The Domestic Violence Victim Support program provides victims of domestic violence, neglect or sexual assault a safe shelter,  emergency services, crisis intervention, food and clothing, safety planning, emergency cell phones, danger and lethality assessment and if needed, legal as well as financial assistance.

Victims can receive counseling whether they stay in a shelter or not. Counseling is also available for the batterer.. For those attending support groups, there is childcare available. The program will assist them with their job search, skill training, referrals and placement to help them become self-sufficient.

Other educational opportunities are offered such as parenting skills training and safety planning for children. Domestic Violence Prevention Workshops are available for the community.

Domestic Violence Victim Support
24/7 Hot Line

Rones Chapel Area Community Center

Some students require more intensive and individualized instruction to learn some skills and material. In Tutor to the Top, one-on-one help is proven to be most effective.

Extensive research shows that students who worked with tutors substantially improved academic performance and created lasting, beneficial outcomes. Each child is matched with a tutor who will stay with him/her throughout instruction. One-on-one sessions are an hour long, and by appointment on weekdays after school. Saturday appointments may be scheduled on a case basis. 


All tutors are experienced educators in Wayne and Duplin Counties with full background checks. Sessions are always conducted with a minimum of two adults present at all times. 

HFH-GW logo (2).jpg

Habitat for Humanity’s Brush with Kindness, a home repair program where they help facilitate minor interior and exterior home repairs for low and moderate income homes across Wayne County. 

The goal for this program is to work with existing homeowners and give them the opportunity to address repair needs that they may not be able to address otherwise. They do this in a subsidized way a third of the cost of all the labor and materials. They started this program in 2018 and they plan to spread this initiative across Wayne County. To make low and moderate income homes safe and functional.


The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is backed by hundreds of trials and studies, and gives you proven parenting strategies to make life easier and calmer at home, and help your kids grow up to be happy, confident and successful. Thousands of American families are seeing the benefits of doing Triple P Online, or Teen Triple P Online.

PPP serves parents with children 0-17. The UWWC grant allows the program to expand to include those without a court order to attend.

Non-Profit Partners Contact Information

Wayne Pregnancy Center 


83501 E Ash St.

  • Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

  • Cry Freedom Missions


The Salvation Army


610 N William Street

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Shelter for Men


Society of St. Vincent de  Paul

919.734.5033 ext. 42

1000 N. Jefferson Street

  • Emergency Assistance


Volunteer Wayne

The Volunteer Resource for Wayne County




601 E. Royall Avenue

  • Nutrition Program for the Elderly

Wayne Uplift Resource Association


719 E. Ash Street

  • Domestic Violence Victim Support

Partnership for Children - Wayne


800 N William St

  • ​Triple P Parenting


Habitat for Humanity


131 E Walnut St

  • A Brush with Kindness




American Red Cross


600 N. George Street

  • Single Family Fire

  • Armed Forces Emergency Services


Boy Scouts Tuscarora Council


172 Hwy 581 S

  • Boy Scouting Community Troop


Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County


1401 Royall Avenue

  • Aim for Success

  • SMART Moves

  • Triple Play


Communities Supporting Schools


308 N. William Street

  • Teen Court


Girl Scouts NC Coastal Pines


108 E. Lockhaven Drive

  • Girl Scouting Community Troops


Literacy Connections of Wayne County


2001-D East Ash Street

  • Adult and Family Literacy

  • Bank on Wayne

Rones Chapel Area Community Center


  • Tutor to the Top

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