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What exactly is it?

United Way of Wayne County BELIEVES that CONNECTED we can improve lives here in our community if we all INVEST to impact people's futures and CHANGE lives for generations. 

Investing in our community through United Way of Wayne County is even more rewarding.  To show our appreciation, United Way of Wayne County is offering you this chance to win a $10,000 Cash Prize. This prize is donated by an anonymous donor specifically intended for our Fair Share giveaway and is separate from our Community Campaign funds. 


To enter, simply pledge your Fair Share (one hours pay or .6% for salary) per month for 12 months, you can enter our $10,000 drawing to be held at our Campaign Finale event on December 2nd. (2021 Campaign Closed)


For more details, contact



The United Way of Wayne County, Board of Directors hosted the 2022 Annual Campaign Finale recognizing Fair Share investors and Educators.


The annual event serves to recognize the Fair Share investors and give-a-way a $10,000.00 prize. For the last three years, an anonymous donor has gifted United Way of Wayne County with $10,000.00, separate from the community campaign, with the intent to encourage and recognize Fair Share investors.  This year, LIVE on WGBR, 21 finalists were randomly selected from hundreds investing their Fair Share with United Way of Wayne County. And Thursday, December 1st at 5:30pm, all 21 finalists showed up with anticipation of winning $10,000.00.


Bethany Perry, United Way of Wayne County’s 2022 Campaign Chair emceed the event taking the opportunity to thank the organizations that hold employee campaigns, the investors that support the programs, the Community Partners that execute these impactful programs and the volunteers that make it all come together. “I’m excited to share with you that we are at 80% of our goal to raise $850,000.00 to impact the lives of 17,000 Wayne County residents,” she said.  “We still have work to do before wrapping up at the end of the year, so please support United Way’s 2022 Community Campaign.” 


The evening is always so exciting, but also full of nerves and tension as we make all efforts to create every opportunity for a random win” said Executive Director, Sherry Archibald.

With 21 envelopes, each holding a key, all finalists chose one of the unmarked envelopes and proceeded, in no specific order, to come forward to attempt to open the lock full of play money. “We never know how long this process can draw out, but this year our second finalists had the key that opened the pad lock on the golden barrel,” said Sherry Archibald, United Way of Wayne County’s Executive Director.


Shenita King, from Anchor Coupling, had a look of surprise as she turned the key and heard the lock open. After a few squeals and tears, King shared “I'm taking my family on a road trip!" She later shared that her family hasn't gotten to do something like that together and she can't wait to be able to spend some time together!


Walter Krentz, Board Chair, thanked Ms. King and the members in audience for their support to the community through the United Way.

Shenita King with Campaign Chair, Bethany Perry

United Way of Wayne County also recognized the five Wayne County Public School Education Grant recipients. To enter the drawing, hundreds of educators invested their Fair Share of one hour pay per month to United Way of Wayne County.


We congratulated the following staff and schools for the random selection winning a $500.00 Classroom grant:

  1. Anita Sanders:  Brogden Middle School

  2. Veronica Fordham-McCoy:  Spring Creek Elementary School

  3. Shelia Sutton  Edgewood School

  4. Jennifer Breese:  Eastern Wayne High School

  5. Jackie Lewis:  Spring Creek Elementary School


And chosen from a list of school with a $30.00 per capita of investment, winning the $5,000.00 Education School grant, was Dillard Middle School.  Mario Re, Principal of Dillard Middle School and Lynette Wilson, Campaign Coordinator, accepted the grant and plans to meet with their team to discuss a strategy that will best serve their students. 


The United Way of Wayne County’s mission is to unite people and resources to improve lives and strengthen our community. The United Way accomplishes this mission by providing grants to organizations that focus on financial stability, health and wellness and basic needs. They also provide grants for emerging issues such as natural disasters and the opioid crisis. Currently the United Way funds 20 programs through 14 agencies in Wayne County, including: American Red Cross, Literacy Connections, Wayne Uplift, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Partnership for Children, Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County, Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County, Wayne Pregnancy Center, Rones Chapel Community Center, The Salvation Army, Communities Supporting Schools, Society of St. Vincent DePaul, and WAGES.



The United Way also works to connect businesses and individuals with volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in serving our community or donating to the United Way, please call 919-735-3591.

Congratulations Anchor Coupling for having the Winner of the Fair Share Challenge Drawing!

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