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The United Way of Wayne County Community Fund is how we invest local dollars in our community to address local needs.  Funding decisions are made through a competitive application process.

By leveraging donor dollars with an outcome-based grant process, we ensure the greatest return on investments for our donors, nonprofit partners and those whose lives we improve together.

In 2020, United Way of Wayne County Community Campaign raised $848,905 which will help fund 16 programs across 11 non-profit agencies in Wayne County creating a vital network of support and services.

UWWC has high Standards for efficiency, management, and compliance.

Education benefits the whole community and is a cornerstone for success in school, work and life.  High school graduates have a higher earning potential, contribute more in their local economy, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate on time.  
608 Children received homework assistance and mentoring in after school programs

13 education grants were given to classroom teachers and schools.

272 parents and children received support to build strong families
$167,022 Invested in 2019
Families in Wayne County face complicated challenges.  through an understanding of the complex issues facing families and individuals, United Way of Wayne County plays a different role, working to align Wayne County's varied resources across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors, to find solutions that have a long-term impact.  
$62,706.84 in disaster relief grants given in 2019

7,847 emergency shelter nights provided

472 adults attended life skill classes
$ 32,000 Invested in 2019
We study the community, prioritize problems and tackle the underlying problems - not the symptoms.
$ 66,908 Invested in 2019
317 individuals or families received support to recover from or prevent violence or abuse

608 children participated in small group activities on making choices about their health & personal relationships, the effects of risky or abusive behaviors, healthy habits, and physical activities

46 emergency communications delivered to the armed forces
Your generosity helps provide immediate interventions to ensure people in our community can meet their basic needs and progress toward final success.  Together, we are creating economic opportunity for all.

The increasing cost of living in Wayne County is forcing families to make hard decisions.  When an unexpected expense of $400 can move a family from self-sufficiency to financial emergency, we know that community support is needed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to support themselves and their families.  
$ 162,454 Invested in 2019
89 individuals achieved safe, stable and affordable housing

2,323 individuals received food, clothing, housing, necessities or monthly utility bill assistance

32,801 meals provided
2-1-1 Helpline had 121,265 calls in 2019 with 135,764 requests.
2,072 people in Wayne County used the Familywize Discount Prescription Card and saved over $124,389.20 on prescription drug purchases.
Long-term change takes time and a united approach

Grade-level reading skills enable students to begin mastering other important subjects, like math and science.  If children aren't reading at grade level by the end of third grade, they risk falling behind.  Reading matters.  To ensure that children have access to early learning opportunities and support to meet their literacy targets, United Way of Wayne County has found the property to build the Steve & Susan Parr Family Learning Center.  We believe by investing in our children we will change people's futures and lives for generations.  The Family Learning Center will take a holistic approach to address poverty, hunger, physical health, mental health, family engagement, family literacy, stress, trauma, and social development while focusing on children 0-3 years of age and their families in southern Wayne County.
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