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sponsor a teacher

for World Teachers' Day

For today ONLY (10/5/2023) you can sponsor a teacher to give them an opportunity to enter into our $10,000 Fair Share Drawing! By donating a total amount of twelve hours of pay for your teacher of choice, you can get their name entered in the drawing. Simply fill out the form below and make your payment through our PayPal Donation Portal following the instructions provided. *Rules and regulations apply.

Fill out the form below to support your favorite educator!

BElow, enter the Teacher's contact information

*On the next page you will be directed to our PayPal Donation Portal where you can make your teacher sponsorship donation online. Please input TOTAL amount you wish to donate, then be sure to add the educators name and "Sponsoring a Teacher" in the "instructions from buyer" section

*Rules & Regulations:

  1. Each sponsored educator can only be entered into the drawing once, even if multiple payments are made on their behalf.

  2. You must at least pay their TOTAL Fair Share amount (12 hours of pay)

  3. Each name will be submitted into the drawing ONLY if United Way of Wayne County receives payment in full.

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