is the cornerstone of individuals and community success


ISSUE: The 2018 NC Data Card prepared by NC Child, shows that ONLY 48% of Wayne County's third-grade students scored "proficient" in reading and that 60% of children who live in poor or low income homes.  

SOLUTION: Improving our children's futures, empowering youth and families.  Addressing the factors that impact a child's ability to learn.  Poverty, hunger, physical health, mental health, family engagement, family literacy, stress, trauma, and social development.  


The development of the UWWC Family Learning Center will ensure that more children are equipped to enter school ready to learn. 


Build awareness of the Summer Learning Day and the  Summer Slide.


Increase the number of Education Classroom Grants, so that more students and teachers will have access to resources.


Involved in the Wayne Forward movement focused on eliminating poverty.


Support Community Scouting Troops and Packs in 

West Haven, Fairview, and Lincoln Apartments.  Boys and Girls participating in these scouting programs will be in a safe place to be mentored, improve their academic skills, social competencies, and stem projects.



ISSUE:  Wayne County has the highest rate of illiteracy and the poorest employee pool of all of its surrounding counties:  Duplin, Lenoir, Sampson, Greene, Wilson and Johnston

Wayne County loses an average of 45 million dollars in revenue annually due to its low literacy rate.  Employers in Wayne County spend an average of 3.4 million dollars a year remediating low literacy workers. 

  • In Wayne County 16% of adults in Wayne County lack the basic prose literacy skills. 

  • 26% of adults cannot locate a single piece of information in written text or enter specific information on a form.

  • 33% of adults in Wayne County are unable to make simple inferences from easily identifiable information. 

That means that 1 in 10 adults or 29,000 adults in Wayne County read below a third-grade level and 1 in 4 adults or 9,000 adults in Wayne County is illiterate.


SOLUTIONS:  Support programs that build on the two greatest job skills employers want in an employee- reading and technology.  Since parents are the first and primary teachers of their children the parents need to be able to read in order to help their children to succed. 


Adult and Family Literacy Program (Literacy Connection of Wayne County) provides one to one tutoring and classes for adults to learn and improve their reading, math and technical skills.