Meet Emmanuel


The Boys and Girls Club is a funded program of the United Way of Wayne County.  If you would like to invest in our Wayne County children click on the INVEST button. 

Emmanuel Scott-Persky became a Boys & Girls Club member at the age of 6. He kept busy with school work and afterschool activities and programs offered at the Club. He also participated in our youth sports program which groomed him to become the athlete he is to today. Emmanuel’s presence became a pleasure to have around our Club members, providing leadership and sharing wisdom as he grew older. He often tutored and assisted other Club members with homework during Power Hour, one of our core programs. Younger Club members embraced him and the teens admired him. It was the way he interacted with them. Emmanuel approaches everyone with a smile and a proper greeting.


Emmanuel attended the Club regularly until High School of which he took on more responsibilities, but he continued to come as often as he could to take advantage of all the great opportunities the Club provided. At the Boys & Girls Club, we collected and reviewed report cards. He always showed consistency in his academics by maintaining good grades throughout high school. Emmanuel found the Club to be beneficial to his needs as far as the programs that were provided such as; Power Hour, SMART Moves and Money Matters, Triple Play, and Health Habits. He felt he could use the knowledge from the programs to help himself and others later on in life.


Emmanuel took part in a Delta Sigma Theta workshop program that focused on building leadership within, self-awareness, financial literacy, conflict resolutions, and how to become an entrepreneur. He is also a member of our Keystone Interact Rotary Leadership Club. Emmanuel helps out in recruiting new members to help out in the community and to build confidence into other youth. His biggest reason for joining the Keystone Interact Leadership Club was to give back and serve voluntarily for his community. During these last few years of his high school career, he became more than just a Club member, he became a mentor to our organization. Emmanuel is a young man who will excel in any endeavor. Emmanuel has goals and will strive to be a successful young man.