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Have any questions along the way? Feel free to reach out to our team anytime.

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Welcome to the Campaign Success Tool Kit!

Thank you for leading a Workplace Campaign powered by United Way of Wayne County. We know it takes dedication and commitment on top of your existing roles to ensure each one of your employees has an opportunity to give back to our community.

This Tool Kit was designed with YOU in mind. All of the resources were built to assist you in engaging your workplace in the annual United Way campaign - just toggle the tabs below to access the resources!

  • Email Templates – Use email script templates to let your team know about this opportunity to give back.

  • Events & Incentive Ideas – Access in person special event plans and incentive ideas.

  • FAQs – Find answers for commonly asked questions about United Way and the work this campaign supports.

  • Printable Tools – Use our messaging, promotional materials, and videos to spread the word.

Have any questions along the way or want to share a great idea? Feel free to reach out to our team anytime.

Ashlee Fritz

Resource Development Director


Bethany Perry

Campaign Chair


Sherry Archibald

Executive Director


Make your Workplace Campaign a Success!


Email Templates:

The email templates below will keep your employees informed about your campaign.

Simply copy and paste the email, update the sections in orange, and customize however you'd like!

Pre-Campaign Email:

(Send this email at the start of the campaign to generate employee support)

We at (Company Name) know that there are families struggling everyday to get ahead, at-risk students that need our help, and home bound senior citizens that need hot meals. This is why we’re a proud (supporter/collaborative partner/supporter and collaborative partner) of United Way of Wayne County.

United Way leads community wide innovation to address the issues that most people say can’t be solved so that people can be helped today and create a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Not only are we a supporter of UWWC, but we are a proud collaborative partner as well through (Community Partner Name). *NOTE This is if your company works together with a UWWC Funded Partner/Program*

Giving is easy and can be done online at or you can pick up a paper pledge form from(Campaign Coordinator) to make your gift.**

Our team at (company name) can be game changers in Wayne County. Join me in supporting this year’s United Way Campaign, from (Start Date-End Date), because connected, we can accomplish more than any of us can alone.

(Closing salutation)

 (Your name) 

Pledge Campaign Reminder Email:

(Send this email midway through the campaign)

As you know, the United Way campaign is underway and ends on (End Date).


Every dollar raised through our campaign stays right here in Wayne County, and helps fund the programs available for the residents, your neighbors of Wayne County.

Giving is easy and can be done by filling our your pledge form I provided and returning it to (Campaign Coordinators Name and Location) or give online at

Our team at (Company Name) can be game changers in Wayne County. Join me in supporting this year’s United Way Campaign because connected, we can accomplish more than any of us can alone.

Thank You Email

(Send this email at the end of your campaign)

On behalf of (company name) I would like to thank each of you for your contribution to this year’s United Way campaign.

We were able to raise $____ to help positively impact Wayne County so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

It is individuals like you who are making this change in our community possible. Big problems require bold goals and decisive action. Connected, we are achieving positive and measurable results.

On behalf of United Way of Wayne County, I thank you once again for your support this campaign season. I encourage you to please visit their website at, follow them on Facebook, & Instagram, call their office at 919-735-3591, to learn how to stay involved and see your investment at work.

Thank you for being a game changer,

(Your name)

Events & Incentive Ideas:

Engage your staff in fun, productive ways with our help! Print our customized coupons, schedule a UWWC speaker to address your employees or get fun ideas to spice up your campaign! Either way, you're sure to have fun while building your strongest campaign yet.

United Way Speaker

A United Way staff person will come to talk to your staff about how we are continually evolving our work to address the highest needs our community is facing.

In Person Option - Schedule a time/date for a staff member to come speak at your location. 

Virtual Option – Schedule a conference call (Zoom) with your United Way representative as an alternative to an in-person presentation.  

Please contact Ashlee Fritz at or call 919-735-3591 to schedule your speaker today.

Incentive Ideas

Consider offering incentives for employees who donate as a way to grow your campaign and further engage your employees.

1. Jeans/Casual Day - Consider allowing employees to wear jeans/dress casually during a day of the week as an incentive for pledging. We've even made coupons HERE for your to print and give!

2. Reserved Parking Spot - Encourage employees to participate in the campaign by raffling off a parking space of their choice!

3. Lunch with CEO - Raffle off a one-on-one lunch with your top executive to any employee who participates in the campaign.

4. Flee Pass - Give employees a chance to leave early or start late for a day during the campaign day if they increase their gift by a certain percentage OR sign up for payroll deduction for the first time. Print your passes HERE

5. Call in Well - Award any employee that increases their gift for the year, or gives for the first time, a free vacation day! Print the pass HERE.

6. Pick a Campaign Theme - Pick a campaign theme and plan your activities around that theme!

7. United Way Spirit Week – Encourage employees to get into the spirit of the campaign with a week long spirit week where each day has a different theme!

8.Take it off Campus - For our educators that don't ordinarily get lunch off campus who decide to invest, give them their lunch pass! Print HERE.

9.Snooze Pass - Reward employees who are continuing their investment from last year with a Snooze Pass, aka, come in late. Print your passes HERE. 



It's only natural for people to have questions, especially when its pertaining to their money. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions UWWC gets throughout the year. If you have any additional questions please reach out to

Q: Why should I give to United Way of Wayne County?

The United Way of Wayne County fights for the Health & Wellness, Financial Stability, Basic Needs and Education for all of Wayne County residents. A gift of any size helps fund programs and help the most vulnerable in our community. When we thrive as individuals or families, our community in turn thrives. 

Q: Where does my investment go?

United Way of Wayne County partners with 14 nonprofits across Wayne County that make up 20 Funded Programs. Your investment ensures those programs are available for the residents of Wayne County tomorrow. 

For more information or to see a full list of our Funded Partners please visit HERE or contact Ashlee Fritz at or call 919-735-3591 

Q: If I stop working for my current employer, what happens to my payroll-deducted pledge?

Since your employer will no longer be providing a paycheck from which to deduct your pledged amount, your contributions will end. Your pledge does not automatically get routed to your new place of employment or to your home address. If you contact us, we can coordinate a different way for your to pay the remainder of your pledge. 

Q: When do my payroll deductions begin?

When you pledge in 2021, the first payment doesn't start until 2022. Since each company is different, please consult your HR administrator for what their policy states. 

Q:I can't afford to give to UWWC right now, what can I do?

Every gift to United Way of Wayne County, no matter the size, makes a difference right here in our community. Many people find that giving through payroll deduction allows them to make a contribution that fits their budget. One of the great advantages of giving through United Way is being part of a community wide effort that combines all of our giving to make the greatest impact on meeting the needs of the residents in our community. 

Monetary gifts aren't the only way to give back, volunteering is just as valuable. Sharing the UWWC message on social media and to your friends and family are other ways to give back as well. 

To discuss volunteer options in Wayne County, please contact OR call 919-735-3591

My employees have been affected by COVID-19 financially, I'm uncomfortable asking them to give. 

Almost universally, people want to help others. Even a small amount each week can give an employee a sense of belonging to a larger community- of making a difference. United Way of Wayne County feels that all employees should be given an opportunity to express themselves through charitable giving. Often, employees at the lower end of the pay scale are more likely to know what its like to need health and human services and may better understand and appreciate UWWC's impact locally. 

UWWC shares the work investors are able to achieve during the campaign presentation. Although someone may not be in a place financially to give, they may know someone who needs resources or may need them personally. The more the message and mission of UWWC is heard, the more local people can be helped. 


Printable Materials:

From pledge forms to marketing materials, this is your go-to place for all things printable for your campaign. If you have any additional need or would like us to bring you copies of anything please reach out to