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Leadership Investors

Leaders don't wait.  They create the change they want to see!

True leaders are those to whom others look for inspiration -- individuals whose steadfast generosity mobilizes their peers and energizes the caring power of our community.

By investing in our community as a Leadership Investor, you’re leading the fight for the education, health and financial stability of every person here in our community. 

Mr. Asa (Hank) Crawford Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Daniels

Judge Kenneth R. Ellis

Mr. Mike  Weston

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bell Sr.

Mr. Brian Taylor

Mr. John Pike

Mr. David Perry

Mr. William H. Bryan

Mr. David Bowden

Mr. Stephen C. Bryan

Mr. Sam P. Hunter

Christopher P. Griffin MD

Thank you to our  Leadership Investors

These Leaders Invest $1,000 or more in the collective Community Impact Fund.  They are standing up for a stronger Wayne County.  They have joined the fight for Education, Financial Stability, Health and Wellness and the basic needs of the people in our community.  They Believe, Invest and through United Way of Wayne County, CHANGE lives for generations.

We are grateful for each investment and apologize if we omitted any name in error.

Drs. G.K. & J.D. Gupta

Dr. Siegfried Yeh

Ms. Christine Zawadzki

Mr. S. Dillon Wooten Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. B. Geoffrey Hulse, Esq.

Mr. Tim Vaughn

Ms. Donna Phillips

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Cregan

Mr. Sherwin Herring

Mr. & Mrs. J. William Paugh

Drs. Robert & Charlotte Campbell

R. A. Foundation

Dr. David T. Tayloe Jr.

Dr. Terry A. Grant MD

Several Leadership Investors wish to remain anonymous

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