Health & Wellness


ISSUE:  The youth of our community face an increase of risky behaviors.  From obesity, drugs, sex, and gangs.


SOLUTION:  Invest in programs that provide activities and role models for youth to develop effective learning skills, positive relationships, and self-esteem so they can make safe and healthy decisions. 

Smart Move program at the Boys and Girls Club provide children the opportunity to learn about the consequences of an adolescent sexual activity, activities to improve their self-esteem and decision-making skills and mentors.


Boy and Girl Scouting Community Troops and Packs in West Haven, Fairview, and Lincoln Apartments.  With the opportunity for Scouting programs, the children will not only have a safe place to improve their academic skills but also mentors to help with life skills, self-esteem, positive goals, and fun activities. 

ISSUE:  Misunderstood prescription labels lead to over 7,000 deaths per year in the United States. Only 12% of adults have the health literacy skills required to manage and prevent disease.  Why does that matter?  Because people with limited health literacy skills are more likely skip important preventive measures such as mammograms and flu shots, have an increased number of preventable emergency room visits, and are less likely to be compliant with treatment plans.


Health Literacy program that would give patients the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information.


Adult and Family Literacy at Literacy Connections to address Health Literacy skills along with their reading and math.

ISSUE:  Adults in Wayne County who do not fit the Government standard for receiving Nutrition for the Elderly / Meals on wheels program, because of age requirements go without or have to move out of their home.


SOLUTION:  Subsidize the funding individuals thru the Meals on Wheels program.  

Nutrition for the Elderly /Meals on Wheels program at WAGES.

ISSUE:  Obesity and other health issues is a growing concern.  


SOLUTION:  Provide educational programs to teach health risks and reduce the instances of significant health issues.  

Triple Play program at the Boys and Girls Club provides youth with structured activities to improve their knowledge of nutrition and eating habits. 

ISSUE:  Families at risk of child abuse and neglect.


SOLUTION:  Recognizing learning begins at birth and parents are the first and primary teachers of their children.  Provide young parents with a better foundation and understanding of pregnancy, labor, birth and early stages of infant development.    

Expectant parents are provided Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Classes at Partnership for Children.  This also includes follow-ups after birth to one year for continued contact and resources as needed.