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Individual investors

United Way BELIEVES we can be a community where all individuals and families have the opportunity to achieve their potential. Your INVESTMENTS are needed to turn this vision into reality. 


YOU have the power to CHANGE the impossible to POSSIBLE! 





When you make your annual pledge and spreading it out, you are eligible to join the Red Feather Club. Learn More


There are a variety of options how an individual can invest in United Way of Wayne County.  There are also different ways to invest from Cash to leaving a legacy with stocks, bonds or real estate. Learn More


One time investment or spread it out into monthly or quarterly investments. 

It doesn't matter how much you have, you always have enough to share.

Margaret  ~ 11 year investor

United Way of Wayne County gives back to the people in the community and I believe in one neighbor helping another.

Latonia  ~ 16 year investor

I invest because I know what it's like to need help and support...I love giving back to my community.

Kimberly - 4 year investor

I invest in United Way of Wayne County because I am passionate about helping others...I know my investment makes a difference in someone's life.

Lisa - 25 year investor

Many businesses have the option for you to invest through payroll deductions in a Workplace Campaign.  Learn More

If your employer does not run a Workplace Campaign and you would like to give to United Way of Wayne County please click here. 



Giving at a Leadership level is a gift for everyone. See how creating change where it matters to you can make our community even better.  Learn More


Give back to the community where your customers do business, where your employees reside, and where their children go to school.  Learn More

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