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a night full of heroes
volunteer ceremony

United Way of Wayne County understands that volunteers are so vital to the work our local nonprofits do and that our organizations wouldn't run without them. That's why we want to recognize all volunteers whether individual or within a group for the hard work they are doing in Wayne County. 

More about this event

The Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony is a heartfelt celebration of gratitude and recognition for all nonprofit volunteers in Wayne County. Held at the Paramount Theatre, the event brings together volunteers from various organizations to honor their dedication and contributions to the community. Attendees will enjoy a festive atmosphere with food, recognition, and engaging speakers. Special speeches and presentations will highlight the impact of volunteers, showcasing their tireless efforts and selfless service. Volunteers were presented with certificates of appreciation and tokens of gratitude, underscoring the importance of their work in making Wayne County a better place. The ceremony is a meaningful way to express thanks and inspire continued volunteerism in the community. Also being recognized at this event are the nominees and recipients of the prestigious Governor's Volunteer Service Award and the Governor's Medallion Award for Volunteer Service. 


The Governor’s Volunteer Service Award is a statewide recognition that honors the true spirit of volunteerism by recognizing individuals and groups that make a significant contribution to their community through volunteer service. An individual or group from the public, nonprofit, and private sector may be nominated for this recognition award by a community member to their county-designated coordinator. There are four main categories (individual, group, national service, and director of volunteers) that a nominee could be recognized in. Additional categories are based on the area of service (veteran, youth, seniors, education, animals, etc.). The Commission will review county nominations and awards are given out locally by the designated county award coordinator. 

The Governor's Medallion Award for Volunteer Service was implemented in 2006 to recognize the top 20-25 volunteers in the state. Medallion recipients are nominated at the county level by the county award coordinator. Only one Medallion nomination is permitted per county. A statewide panel reviews and evaluates all these nominations to determine the award recipients. Medallion Award recipients are honored at an annual recognition ceremony. The medallion is placed around the neck to signify the volunteer's great service to the  community.

It is a privilege for United Way of Wayne County to host this annual event and on behalf of the organization and all nonprofits in Wayne County, we want to share a heartfelt thank you to each of you that devotes your time to help improve lives right here in our community! 

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