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Recovery Voucher Program

The Recovery Voucher Program is a direct service program by United Way of Wayne County geared toward assisting individuals and families in their recovery/transition from natural disasters or personal crises like domestic violence, eviction, and re-entry by providing a voucher to use in the following thrift stores: Habitat ReStore, InJoy, and Salvation Army Family Store. United Way of Wayne County will issue vouchers to eligible recipients for use at participating thrift stores in Wayne County, where quality clothing, furniture, home supplies, and building materials may be purchased at affordable prices.

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Who is Eligible?

United Way of Wayne County will provide guidelines about the program to the receiving thrift stores/partners and complete the intake process and issuance of the vouchers

Wayne County residents experiencing a crisis (natural or personal) or in a recovery or transition process.

Examples may be:

  • Fire

  • Flood

  • Eviction

  • Pests

  • Loss of employement

  • Domestic Violence

  • Transition from homelessness

  • Re-entry

Recipients must be able to provide photo identification and transition documents.​


Recipients will undergo an intake process to determine their eligibility. Each recipient must be able to provide proof of income and transition.

Referrals can come from a United Way of Wayne County Community or other Verified Partner (for example, UNC Healthcare or Wayne County Public Schools). Agencies making referrals may submit the referral through NCCARES360 or by contacting United Way of Wayne County by phone or email. If the referring agency is involved in the client’s transition process, they would be asked to provide a referral letter.


Amounts are subject to change. Assistance is limited to one household once per year.

The Voucher Program funding comes from various grants and potentially from campaign fund designations/allocations and will be available to eligible recipients as funds allow. Vouchers will expire fourteen (14) days from the issue date. If not used within that timeframe, the voucher will be voided.


Voucher are issued in the following amounts:

  • $150 for a single person

  • $325 for a household/family of 2-4

  • $475 for a household/family of 5+

where to shop

This is a list of current stores that have partnered with United Way of Wayne County specifically for the Recovery voucher program. This list is subject to change. 

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InJoy Thrift Store

1711 E Ash St.

Goldsboro, NC 27530

(919) 947-5749

The Salvation Army Family Store

309 E Holly St.

Goldsboro, NC 27530

(919) 736-7014

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

124 E Mulberry St.

Goldsboro, NC 27530

(919) 736-9550

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