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Opportunity for funding

As a trusted community partner and collaborator, the United Way of Wayne County has accepted funding from the North Carolina State Budget and 2023 Appropriations Act to support identified community needs. Through the Office of State Budget and Management, the UWWC is receiving $750,000.00 designated to operations.


Request for Proposal

application and rubric

What are the Priorities of Funding?

The UWWC Board of Directors has identified three areas of support, based on needs identified in 2023 and discussions with state representatives in 2023, those areas are:

  1. Providing support to UWWC non-profits providing vetted programs with positive outcomes

  2. Homeless Needs/Sheltering

  3. Youth Programing/Gang Prevention

*This application is intended for programming that will fall under Priority 2 or 3, make a significant impact to the community, and require a minimum request of $50,000

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